Parish Collections - The Gift Aid Scheme

With the amalgamation of the parishes can I please ask that all those in the Gift Aid scheme sign a new form.

The forms are available at the back of the church. Additionally, can those who are currently paying by Direct Debit from St Serf’s please transfer their payments to the Royal Bank of Scotland, again details on the forms at the back of the church.

New members of the scheme are always welcome and allows the parish to claim back the tax on your contribution at no extra cost to yourselves.

I would ask that all those who are currently paying Income Tax and contributing to the parish please consider joining the scheme.

What is the Gift Aid Scheme?

What is the Gift Aid Scheme?

If you pay Income Tax on your salary and/or your savings you are able to join the Gift Aid Scheme.

You simply complete and sign a Gift Aid Form and use either Envelopes or a Direct Debit from your Bank to pay your church collections in the course of each year.
The Parish is able to claim back on your behalf from the Inland Revenue approximately 25p for every pound you contribute to the church in the course of every Tax Year.

You can download a Gift Aid form by clicking here or speak to Father Breslin if you have any further questions.